Practical Stuff

As a licensed creative arts therapist and board-certified music therapist, Suzannah Scott-Moncrieff provides music psychotherapy services for adults and adolescents.

You may come to see Suzannah because:

•   you are in crisis
•   you are facing significant life-changes
•   you suffer from anxiety or depression
•   you have suffered trauma or loss
•   you are dealing with a medical illness
•   you are an adolescent or adult with developmental challenges
•   you are a musician grappling with performance anxiety or burn-out
•   you are interested in understanding yourself more fully
•   you want to experience Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) (Click link for detailed description).

I recognize that you are your own best expert. The therapy provides a space that, in the words of one client, “allows me to hear my own voice.” Each client’s journey is unique and, together, we will discuss a course of therapy that best suits your particular goals and needs.

Therapy Options

60-minute music psychotherapy sessions

We usually embark on this work if you would benefit from a long-term process, and a consistent and trusting relationship with a therapist. We will utilize music listening methods, as well as active music-making in the sessions.

7-week Music and Imagery series

This includes one assessment session plus six one-hour Music and Imagery sessions. This short-term process is suitable for people who are dealing with more focused challenges (bereavement, an upcoming exam or performance, increased stress at work, birth of a child, etc.) The short-term goal is to reconnect to positive inner resources for an increased sense of well-being and improved coping with daily stress.

Office Location

Suzannah lives and works in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

In addition to being a Registered Music Therapist in the United Kingdom, Suzannah is a licensed mental health practitioner in the United States, and provides tele-therapy to individuals residing in New York State.

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel a session, please call to let Suzannah know at least 24 hours in advance.

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