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Imagining the world with music at our core. Part 2

Conference attendance is not just about the presentations. Often the most memorable and important experiences happen when you least expect them. I sat at breakfast with an entire table of new Fellows of the Association – one from Colombia, one from Spain, and two from Mexico. Guided Imagery and Music is reaching far and wide.

Santiago, from Columbia, was speaking about his country’s struggles, economically, politically, and psychologically. He was describing the plight of many children, who have been taught how to kill by 9 years old, in order to sustain guerrilla war. It would be easy to be fatalistic and cynical in the face of such terror, but Santiago spoke very simply – “I don’t know if anything can change, but I do believe in the change that can happen, on the inside; I believe that inner change is possible, and this may be the only way.”

His words were a wake up moment for me – a reminder of why I am here, and why I am passionate about the work that I do. From the outside, it may not look like peace work, it may not look political, it may not even look relevant to external life issues; but on the inside, it – the work that is being done through deep transformational processes in music-centered therapy – is perhaps the change that will change everything else. Idealistic? You bet.


    1. Suzannah Post author

      Thank you, Santiago, for your wisdom and your listening. Your clients are very lucky to have you. And I love your website and the photographs of your work. Thank you for sharing.


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